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MAO Design Studio is a full-service web design boutique agency with expertise creating the latest modern responsive websites for small to medium-sized businesses. Once completed, your website will not only look great, it will have the latest functionality and features to match your industry needs at an affordable price.

And our service doesn’t end there for a small monthly fee our team will keep your site up to date with all the required maintenance and updates.

have your website in days not months

At very competitve prices

Web design

Web Design, blogs, landing pages, portals. we use the latest technological trends to position your brand or company on the internet.


Monthly, weekly or daily maintenance of websites and blogs according to your requirements and rotation. Social media integration.


Creating a brand that visually represents your business takes more than just the right logo. That’s why every project we take on includes a strategic approach.


Graphic consulting, social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) Digital campaign planning, MAO Design Studio will help you!

What is MAO Design Studio?


We’re a team of innovative, creative designers and coders, with the drive and desire to push high-above-the-clouds your brand recognition giving your clients/users memorable online experience. This is how MAO Design Studio does it.



Recent web design projects

Historia Network

MAO Design Studio

http://blog.historia.network (Logo design, Web/Blog design, Blog maintenance and graphic design)

Calmly Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

MAO Design Studio

http://calmlycbd.com (seo, landing page, logo design, social media marketing)

Localgroup USA

MAO Design Studio

Osslo Digital (logo & website)

Pomphery industries (Canada)

Fitcenter Peru (offline)

SwampHead media (blog)

MAO Design Studio

Team3 – ICO – (Chinese / English site & logo)

MAO Design Studio


find out how we can Design your website in days not months

Why Big Brands Should Use a Boutique Marketing Agency

Are you a big brand weighing the value of working with a smaller agency? Learn how the boutique agency can help you reach your goals, reenergize your brand and do it all while maximizing your effort and budget.


Big brands have traditionally looked to big agencies for their media and advertising needs. But should big brands consider meeting their needs by shifting to smaller, boutique agencies? The answer is absolutely, and here are a few points to consider if you are a big brand.

Rigidity versus flexibility

Simply put, big agencies are big bureaucracies. Like most bureaucracies, big agencies suffer from complexity, inefficiency and inflexibility. For years, big agencies have built their credibility by way of time-tested project management methodologies and reputation. The reality today, however, is that the world is not time-tested but ever evolving. The media landscape has become highly technical, innovation moves at the speed of light and reputation alone is not strong enough to keep customers satisfied.

The big agency sees itself as the fittest. The full-service giant who guarantees accomplishment because they can, and because they have. But in truth, it is the boutique agencies and their sense of reverse darwinism which is pushing them to become better equipped to evolve beyond the shadows cast by their big agency rivals. Boutique agencies do not have a choice.  They do not stand on reputation but rather an ongoing process of building reputation.

It means working with an agency who works hard to stay ahead of innovation, who maximizes their resources and actually listens to what you need versus telling you what their time-tested methodologies have proven.

Benefits of Working with a Boutique Graphic & Website Design Agency like MAO Design Studio:

  • You usually have direct access to the CEO/owner.
  • The team that pitches your ideas is the team that actually works on your project – it’s not handed off to a different team.
  • A personal touch, because you are working with a carefully chosen team, tailored to your needs
  • Lower costs, because we don’t have the larger overhead of a bigger firm, so those costs aren’t being passed on to you
  • Faster turnaround, because we don’t take on more projects then we can comfortably handle at one time, meaning you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

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Design is where art and science break even. — Robin Mathew